self portrait


Jeff, the handsome one on the left, turns 31 today. We have, I'd say, a rather unique relationship. We've been together for ten years now: long-distance over the last five, and have three more years to go before we can finally be back in the same state/city/timezone. And the unfortunate thing is that people don't really treat you like you're a real couple unless you're married, but very few couples could sustain a long distance relationship the way that we have. Somehow Jeff makes it work sort of effortlessly. He is smart, incredibly thoughtful, and really funny. Most people think he's shy, and they're right, he can be, but few people get to see him glow when he gets excited about a topic, and how chatty he is after having coffee, never listened to him learn and play their favorite song on a piano, or received a handcrafted gift that makes them want to cry because it took him months to think up or make, never had him shave their head, and him still look at them like they are the most beautiful person he's ever seen. And while I wish everyone could see what i've seen, of him, over the last 10 years, it's also pretty special that I get to be the one he shares it with.

He is truly one of a kind and I'm grateful for every minute we get to spend together (even if we are apart.) 


This year I've been to three new countries, held a job with people I respect and admire, ate a grotesque amount of beans, spent far too long on my laptop retouching images, admired the stars and wind and rain, spent too much time feeling insecure, and even more time being selfish, lost an organ, gained a friend, drank and ungodly amount of wine, spent an embarrassing amount of time watching tv, got to see my family frequently, fell deeper in love with a good man, and woke up this morning feeling pretty well. Sometimes I forget how much I hate the smell of wet gravel, and that's unfortunate because who knows when it will be the last time I get to smell it.